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Fire Stopping


pipe fire stoppingArtius Fire Protection Limited is one of the leading fire safety companies within the passive fire protection industry, based in surrey. We provide a high-quality assured fire safety service to both the private and public sector, this incorporating both refurbishment and new build projects.

All construction in commercial property utilises fire compartmentalisation, helping to trap fire and smoke, allowing people to evacuate safely in a timely manner. Whether your building has been refitted for you to move into or you’ve had works carried out as part of a refurbishment, this could undermine your passive fire protection plan, meaning fire and smoke can spread quickly between building compartments.

For compartmentation to be successful, all potential sources of airflow must be protected using fire-resistant materials. This includes joints and rafters, pipes, air ducts, and ceiling voids. Compartment walls and floors should also be installed for parts of buildings that serve separate purposes. For instance, offices for different companies as part of a business complex.

Compartment solutions must be reviewed regularly in case of any inadvertent breaches. These breaches can be found in cavity barriers, joint seals, and penetration seals. Regardless of size, any breach in a compartment will render it ineffective against the chimney effect.


What does fire stopping involve?

During fire stopping surveys, our specialists can detect those areas which are vulnerable from the spread of fire. Common areas which can often require sealing include:pipe fire stopping solutions

  • Joints or gaps between walls and floors
  • Openings around pipes, cables and beams
  • Newly drilled holes
  • Holes left by the removal of components
  • Using a variety of materials, these gaps, holes and often overlooked areas can be sealed to restore compartmentalisation of your building.


Who is responsible for fire-stopping?

As the owner or manager of your space, it is your responsibility to ensure your property is safe and fully protected against fire. Refit companies and technicians hold no responsibility to protect the seal of your building compartments, making you liable if a fire occurs and spreads.

Fire stopping from Artius FP

ceiling fire stopping solutionsWhether you’d like a fire stopping survey or a full risk assessment for your building, at Artius Fire Protection we’re leading specialists with decades of experience. If your building requires fire stopping services, we will send out approved engineers to your site to carry out any necessary work, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us today to find out more about fire stopping for your building or to arrange a full fire risk assessment for your property..